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Cloud Presentation Suite 

Cloud Presentation (Main view)
Cloud Presentation
(Main view)

Cloud Presentation (Detail view)
Cloud Presentation
(Detail view)

Cloud Presentation (Multiple connections)
Cloud Presentation
(Multiple connections)

Cloud History (Print preview)
Cloud History
(Print preview)

Cloud Server (Main view)
Cloud Server
(Main view)

Cloud Presentation Suite - Overview
System overview

Cloud Presentation Suite is a PC-based software application capable of displaying real-time information about the current cloud and weather situation using any of our Cloud Ceilometers.

The program presents cloudbases (including penetration depth) and vertical visibility at certain conditions, reports back status of the ceilometer and notifies the user if there is any problem.

By using the client/server technology it is possible to use multiple clients located far away to monitor the status.

The program suite consits of the following programs:

  • Cloud Presentation
    Client application. Real-time viewing of current conditions
  • Cloud Server
    Server application. Collects and stores data. Notifies clients whenever new data is available
  • Cloud History
    Used for browsing through archives, analysing and making reports.

Cloud Presentation Suite is built upon Microsft's .NET plaform and throughly tested on Microsoft Windows XP.
The program has been certified for use within the Swedish Defence.


Cloud Presentation Suite is built upon the basic design rules defined for the Microsoft Windows environment and you will feel comfortable using it.
If you still have a problem, a context sensitive built-in help system is included which will guide you through the windows and functions.

Supplied documentation includes:

  • User's Guide
    Includes all information about the program suite; from installation and configuration to daily use and security settings.
  • Quick Start Guide
    Gets you up and running in no time. A point-by-point instruction on how to make the most basic installations in only a couple of minutes.


Client/server technology
By using the client/server technology it is possible to have one server computer connected to the ceilometer, and multiple clients that connects over a TCP/IP network to the server. It is possible to either use a Local LAN, or monitor the conditions from the other side of the world using communication over Internet (typically a VPN connection would be established to maintain the security aspect).
Please note that it is still possible to run the program suite on a single computer.

Security settings
It is possible to lock all important settings with a master password. This ensures that a system manager may configure the system, and the daily users will not "break it", by adjusting all settings.

Sky condition
Sky condition data is calculated and displayed in the programs. Sky condition indicates the amount of the sky that is filled with clouds on different layers.

Signal Profile (Backscatter data)
For most telegram types it is possible to watch the signal profile (backscatter data) from a measurement. By analyzing this data it is possible to gain more knowledge of the current conditions, than by only looking at numbers or trends.

Compatible data storage
Data is stored in standard XML. This means it can be opened and further processed in any program capable of reading/importing XML data, such as Microsoft Excel.

Printing is directly supported from within the program.

Status report ceilometer
For each measurements the ceilometer also indicates it's status. Whenever there is a problem with the ceilometers functionality etc a status message will appear informing the user about the problem

All major program settings are customizable by the user. This includes security settings, indication colors, type of sky condition data to display, enhancements to perform etc

Analyze possibilities
Tools to aid in the analyze part includes graphical ruler, detailed view over the most recent measurements, magnify control

System requirements 

OS Windows XP Pro/Home
Windows 2000 (SP2 or newer recommended)
Windows NT 4.0 (SP 6a or later required)
Additional software .NET Framework version 1.1 or later
Internet Explorer 5.01 or later
Hardware Any modern computer capable of running Windows XP
(Minimum Pentrium III, 128 MB memory)
One free serial interface for each ceilometer to connect (Server)
Free space 30 MB hard disk space for program installation
~ 1.5 MB / day and ceilometer for data storage

Cloud Presentation