Our bestseller Cloud Ceilometer CBME80


Eliasson Engineering is registered as Björn Eliasson Ingenjörsfirma AB in Sweden.
The company is a small company with a stable and good financial base. The business started in 1969 and was registered 1979.

The company specifies, designs and markets systems and its components mainly for military and civil airports.
Manufacturing of mechanical structures, circuit boards, optical details and software are done by different companies around the world. EMC-tests are done by Delta Development Technology AB, Västerås. Tests for laser classification are done by Swedish Testing and Research Institute (SP).

The high quality of our products is documented with high MTBF from field operation reports from our customers and available upon request.


Cloud Ceilometers
In the last couple of years we have narrowed down our product portfolio to focus on our core product - ceilometers for civil and military use.
Our ceilometers can be used in the following areas:
  • Airports
  • Oilplatforms
  • Ships
  • Highways
  • Automatic Weather Stations
  • Mobile/tactical systems


ABB Logo
Eliasson Engineering was established in 1969. After some years as a small firm, a stock (limited) company was established 1979 (Björn Eliasson Ingenjörsfirma AB).
From 1969 to 1988 ASEA was marketing our company's products. After the fusion between ASEA and BBC (ABB) we began marketing our products ourselves.

When ABB in 1988 sold their design and manufacturing of their cloud ceilometers (QL1212, QL1214), which had been used in our Semi Automatic Weather Obsevation system, our company started designing and manufacturing of a new cloud ceilometer CBME40A.

After 10 years our new and improved ceilometer CBME80 were introduced. Doubling the measuring range, cutting the production costs and still maintaining the quality made this ceilometer a best seller.

Today we got customers in over 30 countries in all continents using our products (mainly the cloud ceilometers). For more information see the Customer listing.