Our bestseller Cloud Ceilometer CBME80

Digital Display BE360 

Digital Display BE360
Digital display BE 360 is designed to be used for presentation of cloud heights data from cloud ceilometer CBME80.


Measuring data in serial form (normally modulated FSK-signals) from the ceilometer is transmitted to the display unit e.g. over a normal telephone channel.

The input modulated data signals is demodulated in the display unit and cloud data (two cloud bases as standard) are displayed. At time out or at error in the data telegram the character E is presented.

Several display units can be connected the FSK-line in parallel.

Data sheet 

Data presentation Cloud base 1 on 5 digit display (CB1)
Cloud base 2 on 5 digit display (CB2)
Vertical visibility (displayed on CB1)
Ports DB9 male for input data
DB9 female for set up (terminal connection)
Data signal Modem signal: V23 FSK
ASCII, 1200 baud, 8 data bits, none parity
Adjustable settings Baudrate
Display intensity
Diagnostics Incorrect data
Baudrate error
Power supply Power pack 5VDC/500mA
Environment Computer room (5 — 40 °C)
Dimension 144 x 85 x 60 mm